Standard type mast system(5 m and avobe)

  • mast 15
  • mast 17

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System configuration

  • Mast system

    Standard type mast system(5 m and above)
  • Mast remote controller

    Simple remote controller for lifting and lowering the mast. One-touch control for simple mast operation.
  • Simple space-saving unit

    Mast raised and lowered using an all-in-one hydraulic tank and power unit. We reduced the unit size to achieve a space-saving design even in telescopic masts above 5 m that require a large volume of hydraulic fluid.
  • Electric pan & tilt system

    This system can be mounted on the top of the mast to rotate the antenna, camera or the like up, down, right and left.


Model naming convention

Telescopic mast (5 m and above) Specifications

  • ※Specifications and performances are subject to change without notice.
  • ※The pole body is dry weight.
  • ※Wind receiving area:The area that receives the wind of the object mounted on the top.
  • ※Wind resistance:Please do not use at above wind speed (m / s) above.