YUASA Co., Ltd.

YUASA hydraulic machinery ? the fruits of technology and experience cultivated over the years. Our hydraulic cylinders are esteemed for global-class quality in Japan and around the world.

Corporate Philosophy

Management Policies

  • Establish the concept of market-in
  • Ensure reliable safety, delivery management, quality and cost
  • Cultivate a cost-effective company
  • Healthy working environments for employees and their professional development

Quality and Action Policies

  • Quality Policies:On-time delivery of products that satisfy all customer requirements.
  • Quality Target: “Non-shipment of inferior goods from the factory”
  • Action Guideline: “Support management decisions”

Environmental Policies

  • Assess the company’s environmental impact , take steps effective in reducing that burden.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, ordinances and other regulations.
  • Strive to conserve resources, save energy and reduce waste.
  • Instill awareness in all employees of the need for environmental protection,advancing collective activities by all individual members.
  • Expand exchanges with the local community, vigorously participate in regional activities, advance environmental conservation programs within the company.
  • Determine, achieve and conduct regular reviews of environmental policies, objectives and targets, continuing to enhance environmental management systems.

Company Profile

Founded Jan. 1947
Capitalization 92 million yen
Fiscal term The end of September per year
Organization of Chairman hirohumi Yuasa
Director Tosihiko Wakabayasi
Director Hirosi Ohara
Employees 166 (Jan. 2018)
Business Lines:

Head Office

a)Crankshaft machining (Mass production and trial production)

  • Products for diesel engines
  • Products for gasoline engines
  • Products for compressors
  • Products for racing (motorcycles and motor vehicles),etc.

b)Precision machining

  • Machining of components to be used in printing machines
  • Processing of corrugated roll
  • Machining of special precision components


a)Crankshaft machining (Mass Production)

  • Products for diesel engines
  • Products for gasoline engines

Hydraulic Equipment Division

a)Design and production of hydraulic equipment

  • Cylinders for construction machines
  • Cylinders for home elevators
  • Cylinders for industrial machinery

b)Design, production and sales of telescopic mast

  • Mast systems for broadcast vans, monitoring cameras, lighting, etc.

Systematic Equipment Devision

a)Development and Manufacture of Laborsaving equipment

  • Development, design and manufacture of laborsaving equipment
  • Design and manufacture of jigs and pallets
  • Development, design and manufacture of various dedicated machines

b)Development and Manufacture of Ring Assembly Machin

c)Manufacture and Sales of Bending Test Machine


Jan-1947 Established as Toyo Motor Industry Co., Ltd. in Okayama Prefecture Okayama City Kosei-cho
Aug-1959 Construction of No. 2 factory
Jun-1961 (Cooperative) Construction of Kume factory within Okayama Iron Works Center
Sep-1961 Established as Toyo Heavy Industries, separating and separating the 2nd factory
Sep-1965 Head office building in Okayama prefecture Okayama city Kosei-cho
Dec-1970 Integrated relocate head office factory in accordance with Kume factory expansion
At the same time head office will also relocate
Apr-1971 Computing center Computer division opened
Oct-1975 YOUCOM (Former Toyo Calculation Center) Isolated Independence
Jun-1980 Construction of hydraulic equipment special factory
Jan-1983 Company name changed to Yuasa Co., Ltd.
Jan-1984 Construction of crankshaft special factory
Apr-1986 Construction of crankshaft integrated production line
Apr-1987 Tokyo branch opened
Apr-1988 Osaka Sales Office opened
Oct-1990 System equipment division opened
Jun-2001 Acquired ISO 9002 certification
Dec-2001 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
Aug-2002 Relocation of hydraulic equipment plant assembly department (Okayama-shi Nobutomo) Relocation
Hydraulic Equipment Factory Mechanical Engineering Department (Kurashiki City Shimosho) Relocated
Yuasa system equipment factory relocated to Okayama prefecture general corporation city southern groove.
May-2005 Completion of third plant in crank
Nov-2006 Yuasa system equipment completed Kibitsu factory
Aug-2007 Completion of Mitsu factory of hydraulic equipment manufacturing department
Oct-2008 New factory completed in Shinshiro city, Aichi prefecture
Apr-2009 Introduction of medium-sized crank processing equipment
Aug-2010 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
Jul-2013 Thailand plant started operation at Amataashi Industrial Estate, Thailand
Dec-2015 Hirohumi Yuasa assumed office president

Contact/Customer Service

Crankshaft machining

Tokyo Branch
TEL 03-3578-8515 / FAX 03-3578-8516
TEL +81-3-3578-8515 / FAX +81-3-3578-8516

Osaka Sales
TEL 06-6397-2633 / FAX 06-6397-2632
TEL +81-6-6397-2663 / FAX +81-6-6397-2632

Sales Section of Head Office
TEL 086-241-2891 / FAX 086-245-0165
TEL +81-86-241-2891 / FAX +81-86-245-0165

Design and production of
hydraulic cylinder
Telescopic mast system

Tokyo Branch
TEL 03-3578-8515 / FAX 03-3578-8516
TEL +81-3-3578-8515 / FAX +81-3-3578-8516

Osaka Sales Office
TEL 06-6397-2633 / FAX 06-6397-2632
TEL +81-6-6397-2663 / FAX +81-6-6397-2632

System devices

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