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YUASA hydraulic machinery ? the fruits of technology and experience cultivated over the years. Our hydraulic cylinders are esteemed for global-class quality in Japan and around the world.

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  • Technology & Trust. Micron-Order Quality from YUASA.
  • Technology & Trust. Micron-Order Quality from YUASA.
NEWMar. 25, 2021Topic We has changed the ISO9100 and AS9100D certification certified destinations.
Feb. 24, 2021Information Update, The crank shaft page has been renewed and a mass production/ small quantity production page has been added.
Feb. 24, 2021Information Update, The medium and large machining page has been renewed for long shaft machining.

Beyond the world standard

“A company devoted to development and creation, focused on the future, serving the needs of the times” This is the deeply ingrained policy of YUASA CO.,LTD. ?a motto fully embraced and continually refined since our inception as a corporate entity. YUASA mobilizes technical strength, highly acclaimed for excellence both in Japan and overseas, as the foundation to excel in the pursuit of being a unique industry presence. The crankshaft, a product in which YUASA holds the top market share in Japan, is the true heart of engines and other power plants. YUASA crankshafts are installed in the engines of automobiles, motorcycles, farming machinery and other products from renowned Japanese manufacturers. With telescopic masts, an original product from YUASA, we put to work our extensive technology and know-how in hydraulic cylinders. Engineered for precision control from the ground, these mast systems can be mounted with antennas, monitoring cameras, floodlights and other components at the highest point. They continue to capture keen attention from a steadily growing range of industries in Japan and overseas. With hydraulic cylinders, YUASA builds products that lead the world on the strength of technology and experience cultivated over the years, together with cutting edge integrated production systems. Our No.1 goal is to be a dependable and reliable manufacturer of goods, offering our customers satisfaction in terms of safety, delivery time, quality and cost.


Oct. 05, 2020Information Update, The precision machining page has been renewed for medium and large machining.