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Standard type mast system

Standard type mast system

Backed by diversified applications serving different use environments,
the operability of telescopic masts has been dramatically expanded.

Telescopic Mast Systems Responding to Wide-Ranging Applications

Telescopic Mast Systems Responding to Wide-Ranging Applications

YUASA explores operational methods that utilize the reliability of hydraulic telescopic masts, and then tenders creative proposals.
Examples of these advances include fixed-point observation camera use telescopic masts taking full advantage of superb wind resistance, as well as stationary telescopic mast systems used to operate emergency use communications base stations.
These systems are also utilized where height restrictions are enforced in zones with scenic landscapes.
In this way, we work with customers to configure our telescopic mast systems with multi-purpose capacity responding to various uses. We encourage you to explore the outstanding utility of the YUASA original brand.

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  • Mast system for internal measuring equipment
  • Weather camera mast system
  • Mast system for emergency base station at time of disaster
  • Measurement instrument use
  • Mast system for electric measurement
  • Scenic zone use
  • Mounting camera use
  • Orientation use
  • Lighting mast system
  • Mast system for emergency communication
  • Action filming use
  • Mast system for ground discharge current earth cable

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General-Purpose Telescopic Mast System Profile

  • General-purpose telescopic mast systems may be broadly grouped into four main components: The mast itself, the hydraulic unit, hydraulic tank and remote controller.
  • The systems adopt specifications for simple mast raising and lowering with the remote controller.
  • The ability to mount lights, measurement instruments, communication devices, fixed-point observation cameras and other attachments on the masts to satisfy specific use needs.

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